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Conference papers and workshop resources

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 Please use this page to post papers and workshop materials or any other articles that are relevant to the conference themes of:
  • Learning in a complex world
  • Preparing students for a complex world
  • Work as enquiry
  • Learning through enquiry
  • Facilitating collaborative enquiry
  • Creativity, enquiry and problem working
Thank you for your contributions.

Starting propositions

We are helping our students to prepare for jobs that don't yet exist, using technologies that have not yet been invented in order to solve problems that we don't know are problems yet. Part of our role as higher education teachers is to prepare our students for a lifetime of uncertainty, change, challenge and opportunity… and the development of capability to enquire is essential to survive and prosper in this emergent and unpredictable world Noman Jackson's introduction to Learning in a Complex World Conference June 2007

‘the two agendas [knowledge and skills] that are being hoisted on to Higher Education and what we are running with are inadequate. …. We need a third one around the student’s feelings…. “ Why the heck do we get up in the morning?    How did it come about in this crazy world that we get up in the morning?   And the answer to that is we don’t get up in the morning because we have lots of knowledge and we don’t get up in the morning because we have got lots of skills,  so lets ditch those two agendas …. chuck them  out…  they are useless for helping us to understand how we engage with the [complex] world we are in.  We get up in the morning because we have a will to do so.’  Ron Barnett speech on a supercomplex world at the SCEPTrE opening June 2006

Learning the Complexity of Professional Practice
Michael Eraut




Relationship between creativity, enquiry and problem working

Norman Jackson and Jo Tait




A student perspective on living and surviving in a complex world

Natacha Thomas





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