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What is “Explorativity”? Hundreds of conversations with friends and colleagues over the years have made it clear that it is far too easy for people to suffer from stresses and feelings of helplessness caused by two quite opposite processes: rapid or uncontrolled change or innovation, and a sense of frustration with a lack of change in life."Explorativity" is a means of overcoming feelings of stress and helplessness and of opening the way to a more rewarding existence (for oneself and those around us), by the development of attitudes, approaches and simple practices that can exploit the potential that each of us has in our own way - so that we do not become either the mere victims of external forces or the prisoners of our own inertia. Being "explorative" refers to attitudes and practices that bring new information, inspiration, opportunities, experiences, connections and developments that are likely to enhance situations, states of mind, relationships, environments or lifestyles. It's a state of mind or disposition that enables us to engage with real world "messiness" and complexity or even supercomplexity and it's one of the things that "makes us get out of bed in the morning."  


As educators we are in a privileged position to encourage or discourage people from being explorative, so taking time out to think about how we might do this in our own teaching and learning situations is I believe a professional responsibility.
How explorative are you? The Explorativity Questionnaire
Guildford Adventure- the strategy we used in the conference to give participants an experience of being explorative.
Get A Life – An Introduction To Explorativity
Explorativity blog:












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