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Facilitating Interdisciplinary Enquiry: an immersive approach

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Virginia Ball Centre for Creative Inquiry
Joe Trimmer's presentation on the innovative approaches pioneered at the Virginia Ball Centre for Creative Inquiry drew attention to the benefits of intensive immersive enquiry-rich experiences for promoting a different level of understanding about what it is like to be an enquirer engaged in complex collaborative problem working.
You can find our more about the semester long interdisciplinary seminars and see some of the examples Joe used here.
Joe's presentation highlighted the benefits of interdisciplinary team working on real world problems of interest to society rather than just academics.

Problems where there are no right and wrong answers and solutions have to be co-created.

We know that these sorts of immersive experiences pepper our working lives yet they are few and far between in our crowded weekly timetabled curriculum. 
The challenge Joe gave us was  - shouldn't we be doing more to try to create these sorts of experiences? We might not be able to emulate the VB Centre. What examples of immersive enquiry have already been pioneered in the UK? What can we learn from Joe and his team? Could we introduce similar models of education in our own institution? What would stop us? At the end of Joes session we used a voting system to reveal our own views on these questions and the results are shown in the powerpoint slides below.
What do you think? Please let us have your views on Joe's ideas and your own ideas about immersive enquiry-rich experiences.
At the end of the session we voted on a number of questions and some of you expressed an interest in developing immersive exepriences.
Would you be interested in joing a special interest / mutual support group to share ways in which this might be done?
 Powerpoint voting slides
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