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Guildford Adventure - The Explorativity Questionnaire

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A definition of “explorativity”:
Relating to attitudes and practices that bring new information, inspiration, opportunities, experiences, connections and developments that are likely to enhance situations, states of mind, relationships, environments or lifestyles.
Assess your level of explorativity:
Explorativity Questionnaire
For each of the questions, select an answer on the scale of A to D, where A indicates the least and D the most. The questions are not arranged in any kind of priority, and can be answered in any order.
1         Have you ever set off on a journey with no specific destination in mind?
A          Never
B          Very rarely
C          Sometimes
D          Frequently
2         Have you ever been encouraged to do something you were embarrassed about, but then been glad you did it?
A          Never
B          Once or twice
C          Yes, a few times
D          Often
3         When hosting a social occasion, such as a BBQ or a party where you are preparing the food, how likely are you to try out a recipe you have never used before?
A          Definitely not
B          Probably not, unless it is pretty simple
C          I might well give it a try
D          Yes, I probably will use something new
4    Do you enjoy being in a noisy, talkative group of people?
      A          Not at all
      B          I don’t mind it, but don’t seek it
      C          It is quite fun
      D          I really love it
5    Do you like to travel outside your home district?
A          No
B          I don’t mind, but only if I need to
C          Yes, I like to occasionally
D          Yes, I like to get away a lot
6         Have you ever made or constructed something useful and felt pleased with the result?
A          Never
B          Rarely
C          From time to time, yes
D          Yes, many times
7         Have you ever composed or produced something that is purely artistic rather than functional?
A          Why would I waste time on something like that?
B          Not since I was at school
C          Once or twice
D          Enough times to know that I greatly enjoy doing it
8         Have you ever taken up a new pastime mainly in order to meet new people?
A          No
B          Not unless I know some of the people already
C          Yes, if I have some interest in both the activity and the people
D          Yes, I have given things a try for social purposes
9         Have you ever come up with an interesting idea and felt you just had to discuss it with someone?
A          Never
B          Rarely
C          Several times
D          Frequently
10     Do you like to go to mystery dinners, blind dates or mystery tours?
A          Never
B          Not usually
C          I don’t mind them occasionally
         D          Yes, I quite enjoy them
11     A friend invites you to come and join in a game of a sport you have never played before. How are you most likely to respond?
A          No thanks!
B          Maybe, as long as I can drop out if I feel like it
C          Yes, but I may be an embarrassment…
D          Great – sounds like fun!
12     You hear that a new colleague will be joining you at work. What is your likely reaction to this news?
A          Dismay
B          Slight concern
C          Interest
D          Enthusiasm
13     How many times in the last five years have you tried something out for the first time?
A          None
B          Only very few times
C          More than 4 times
D          Many times
14     When you hear about the possibility of having training for something, what is your attitude?
A          Rejection
B          Indifference
C          Mild interest
D          Great interest
15     You come across a new word or phrase, which you do not fully understand. Which of these is your most likely action?
A          Ignore it
B          Ask someone, if they happen to be there and are likely to know the meaning
C          Make a mental note to look it up some time
D          Research its meaning as soon as you reasonably can
16     You are told that some new equipment or a new resource is going to become available to you. Which of these is most like your attitude to the news?
A          Suspicion and doubt
B          Indifference
C          Guarded interest
D          Significant interest
17     You are asked to join a working party or ad hoc committee. Is your reaction…
A          Resistance
B          Grudging acceptance
C          Mild interest
D          Enthusiasm
18     Have you ever “surfed” the channels of a satellite or cable TV system and found that you would quite like to watch more than 20% of the programmes?
A          Never
B          Very rarely
C          Yes, a few times
D          Often
19   What percentage of the books or publications you have chosen to read most recently have been factual, eg biographies, or non-fiction on specific topics?
            A          None
            B          Less than 10%
            C          10-50%
            D          More than 50%
20     Approximately what percentage of your friends and friendly acquaintances are from the same district as you (within a 100km radius)?
A          More than 75%
B          50% to 75%
C          25% to 50%
D          Less than 25%
21     You win the lottery and have the chance to attempt a really exciting experience, like training to spend a few days in space. You view the opportunity with:
A          Horror
B          Amusement but not seriously
C          Cautious interest
D          Great excitement
22     You plan to attend some live entertainment. Do you hope it will include some improvisation?
A          No, I like set pieces
B          Mainly predictable, but with a little variation
C          I like a good balance of rehearsed and improvised performance
D          I prefer improvisation
23     Do you like to try to solve riddles and puzzles?
A          No thank you
B          Maybe, but I usually have something more important to do
C          I quite enjoy them
D          I can’t resist them
24     When you go to a meeting, do you have a preconceived idea about what the outcomes of the meeting should be?
A          Yes, most of the time
B          Often
C          Sometimes, but I keep a partly open mind
D          No, I always wait to see
25     Do you volunteer for things?
A          Never
B          Very occasionally
C          Sometimes
D          Often
26     You are watching a sport or activity with a friend who understands it better than you. Do you ask them to explain the rules or methods?
A          Probably not
B          I might, if it looks really fun
C          I usually ask for some guidance
D          Yes, I definitely want to know more
27     Most people have irrational fears. How do you deal with yours?
A          Suffer and accept them
B          Try to keep them in some sort of control
C          Look for ways of reducing them
D          Work hard at overcoming them
28     If you have the choice of holiday destination, do you like to go to the same place?
A          Every time
B          I have some favourites, but I like to vary the venue
C          I usually try somewhere different
D          I always go somewhere new
29     You see a famous person whom you respect and admire, in a public place. Do you take the opportunity to compliment them or wish them well?
A          No
B          Only if they are smiling and talking to the public
C          Yes, unless they are obviously trying to avoid people
D          Definitely, as they will be pleased to hear what I say
30     Do you like TV programmes like those in which the chef/engineers is/are given some ingredients/components and challenged to prepare a tasty meal/roadworthy vehicle on the spot?
A          No, they are of no interest
B          Only if there is nothing better to watch
C          Yes, they are quite fun
D          I imagine that I am the chef/engineer
31     When you are travelling along in a vehicle, do you prefer to listen to background music or something more informative?
A          Music in the background suits me
B          I might play some music for a while and then listen to the news or features
C          I usually prefer the stations with news and other features
D          I always listen to the talking programmes
32     You are invited to a fancy dress party. Your reaction is
A          To think of an excuse for not going
B          To worry if you will be able to think of a suitable costume
C          To check on whether there is a theme and what the timeframe is
D          To start thinking and working on a costume straight away
33     Have you ever attempted something for no other reason than the challenge itself?
A          Never
B          Very rarely
C          Occasionally
D          Often
34     When you are in a group, do you find yourself helping the conversation along?
A          No, I leave it to others
B          Only if I really need to
C          I do my part
D          I usually feel the need to help get people talking
35     How often have you written a letter or article, or sent an email, to a publication, eg a newspaper, magazine or journal?
A          Never
B          Once or twice
C          3 to 5 times
D          Many times
36     About how many (non-work-related) emails do you send in a typical week?
A          None
B          Less than 6
C          6 to 10
D          More than 10
37     Have you ever attempted to alter your state of mind by meditation, hypnosis or similar means?
A          Never
B          I have wondered, but never really thought about doing it seriously
C          Yes, I have considered it seriously
D          Like, all the time, man!
38     How often in a typical month do you think about your own state of being?
A          Not at all
B          Once or twice perhaps
C          Every week
D          Most days
39     How many times in the last ten years have you felt pleased to have tackled something that was quite a tough challenge for you?
A          Never
B          Once or twice
C          Several times
D          More than 5 times
40     How many times in the last year have you found that something you have been thinking about has coincidentally matched up with something that has then arisen in conversations?
A          None
B          A couple of times
C          3 to 5 times
D          6 or more times
41     Are some of your friends a bit frightening – to other people, if not to you?
A          What, my friends, intimidating? Of course not.
B          I haven’t really thought about it, but I suppose one or two might be
C          Yes, some of them probably are
D          Yes, quite a few of them certainly are
42     How many different jobs/occupations have you tried, or will you have tried, by the age of 40, including temporary and voluntary ones?
A          One
B          2-3
C          4-6
D          More than 6
43     Have you gambled a small sum on a game of chance, like a horse race or a wager?
A          I’m not that foolish
B          Very rarely
C          About once a year on average
D          I can’t resist a bet
44     Have you attended, or would you like to attend, a religious or spiritual service or ceremony that was unfamiliar to you?
A          No
B          Maybe
C          Yes, it sounds like a mildly interesting idea
D          Yes, I am very enthusiastic about the suggestion
45     How frequently do you get some exercise, assuming that you are physically able to? If you cannot get much exercise, what would you like the answer to be?
A          As little as possible
B          From time to time
C          At least once a week
D          Nearly every day
46     How frequently do you research something in a book or on the Internet?
A          Never
B          Occasionally
C          Fairly often
D          Very frequently
47     When did you last surprise someone?
A          I can’t recall
B          Quite a while ago
C          Fairly recently
D          During the last 10 days
48     Are there some things you are keen to do before it is too late?
A          No
B          I suppose there must be a couple, if I have a good think
C          Yes, I do have several plans
D          There are lots of things that I am desperate to do!
49     How many new friendly relationships have you entered in the last year?
A          None
B          One or two
C          Several
D          Too many to count up
50     How often do you change the décor or furniture?
A          Never, unless it is worn out
B          Every few years
C          About once a year
D          Several times a year
Scoring: For every D, score 3; C scores 2; B scores 1 and A scores 0
Add up your total, which should be between 0 and 150.
Score descriptors:
0-25                    You are not a very explorative person. There is a good chance that your life could be much more rewarding. You should consider moving a little further out of your usual environments and habits.
26-50                You are mildly explorative, but there remains much scope for you to find more fulfilment and to become a more interesting person. Try to convert some of those Bs into Cs, and see what happens.
51-75                You are just a little below the average reasonable range of explorativity, which means that you are probably coping quite well most of the time, but are never quite satisfied. There is a good chance that you are able to push back the boundaries, though, and move into some more interesting territory.
76-100           You are fairly explorative, and are probably reasonably comfortable with moving around, being sociable and trying different things from time to time. However, there is still probably scope for you to find more rewards and fulfilment, especially if your score was closer to 76 than to 100.
101-125       You are approaching what may be an optimal level of explorativity. You are a proactive and somewhat adventurous and innovative person, who enjoys diversity and challenge. If your score is closer to 125 than 100, you may be considered an exciting or even risky character. You do not need much encouragement to seek further rewards and fulfilment.
126-150       You are highly explorative, and have probably done some very interesting and challenging things in your life – or you will do so. You will be regarded as an exciting, perhaps larger-than-life person, and you are ready to take considerable chances and risks. If your score is closer to 150 than to 126, then you may be a hazard to yourself - and possibly to others!



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