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    • does not appear in any dictionaries that I know of. It was originally created by Walt Disney many years ago to name their engineering firm and the people within it. Walt Disney Imagineering is a component of the Walt Disney Company that is responsible for designing and creating rides and attractions you see in the Disney parks, and more. Imagineers are Engineers with Imagination - and MORE. So Disney describes Imagineering as a certain type of people. I defined Imagineering in 2002 as something we do, everyone can do. Imagineering / Dreamscaping: Shaping your creative mental images into powerful drivers for action’.

Creativity arises on the threshold of the known and the unknown. Our rationality and our consciousness safeguards the known, the subconscious and the super conscious bring the unknown to our awareness. By shaping and working on the unknown we are creative, because we synthesize the known with the unknown, we rise above our dualism and are creative. Looking at strong new stimulants such as strange/ new objects, for example art objects or sensitizing our senses when we look at the objects we already know opens our awareness to areas that in our normal consciousness are hidden or suppressed.

Is a thinking pattern manifested in a way that it’s image logic communicates the thinking pattern very succinct to a wide audience? At the same time artwork remains beyond its manifestation very rich in imaginative stimuli to allow projection of a wide variety of deep mental images into it. We can use artwork as a rich canvas to work with deep drivers of our own being (for example purpose, meaning, destiny). To keep this creative work inspirational and empowering it is very important to realise that the work is an effort of the homo sapiens and making interesting discoveries should provide satisfaction for the homo ludens.

The Gallery workshop** made use of Ross Martin’s ‘Palos: Systems and Flamenco’ exhibition at the Lewis Elton Gallery to evoke the subconscious and super conscious in us and translate these images into powerful drivers for action, in this case powerful drivers for action in teaching. The question used to stimulate our imaginieering process - what is teaching? particularly that teaching that promotes creative enquiry.




Click the image above for a short video depicting a variety of events that took place during the conference.






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