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Metaverse Links and Resources

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Second Life and other Virtual Worlds at Surrey University



Second Life

How to / guides

Getting started from SLEDspaces

Please IM Esme Delcon in-world if you would like a copy of a getting started guide produced by an island owner.

SLURL builder

Sandboxes - CampusLife

Media - using with a whiteboard, screen recording - graphics (Wegame, Snagit , Jing), movies, audio; streaming audio , Macs, streaming video, from webcam, Macs

Free stuff - fabfree , imsogothly



Useful communities and mailing lists

JISC mailing list

Second Life Education (incl US & others) mailing list

SLED wiki

Salamander Learning in Second Life wiki

Schome wiki



Surrey activities:




Papers & Research

SLED community convention proceedings 2006 , 2007

Peer reviewed articles and reports

Second Life Research blog

Nanoislands blog

Sheila Webber - Sheffield Uni Infolit blog from Second Life

13 Tips for Virtual World teaching

101 uses for Second Life in the college classroom

Urban Planning video (Josh Eikenberry on Tom Werner's blog)

Second Life videos - Tony Karrer's blogpost June 08

Glasgow Caledonian Second Life campus video

Ohio University Second Life campus video

Nick Yee Research at Stanford





Events in Second Life calendar

SLED community convention 2008, 5th-7th Sept, Tampa FL




Second Life on Mobile


Other Virtual Worlds & Engines

There.com, Home (Sony), Olive (Forterra), Multiverse , ActiveWorlds



OpenSim, Wonderland / Darkstar (Sun), Real Xtend



2 videos including use of a lecture room to run lectures with remote Chinese students and a classroom in China:


Overview of Wonderland 0.4 (now a stable release) video

Wonderland blog

Wonderland projects:

University of Essex in Wonderland which can be entered and explored (use as per Java below) There is a common room with Moodle, Open Office, a lecture room etc

St Pauls Wonderland webstart links - enabled through Java (this will be a short download then you can go enter straight in, usually no password required, just enter a suitable name in the username box - this will appear next to your avatar and publicly viewable I think? ). Click run if you get a warning box. There is in-world help but to change your appearance (quite limited at the moment) select Tools and configure Avatar. To start moving, you can use arrow keys and/or mouse. To 'speed' up press shift+arrows, also pressing + will increase speed each time you press.


Useful communities and mailing lists

Web3D consortium

Virtual Worlds Consortium

Sun Immersion Special Interest group

Serious Games Institute, Coventry University

iVinnie news network



Metaverse roadmap,

MetaverseU conference wiki Feb 08, Stanford

Open source Metaverse engine , Croquet , OpenSource Virtual Worlds project, Edusim

Karl Kapp blog

Cisco blog

TerraNova blog

PacificRim blog

Virtual Worlds Overview, Trondsen E

Virtual Worlds as Tools for Learning, Cross J, Trondsen E, O'Driscoll T

Metaverse2.0 paper

3D cameras article

Overview of research from Gartner, May 2008



Events 08

VirtualWorlds2008, 3-4 April NY

Using Virtual Worlds in your Business, 12 Mar, SGI - Coventry

Serious Virtual Worlds, 11-12 Sept , SGI - Coventry

Virtual Worlds Conference and Expo 4-5 Sept LA

ReLIVE - Researching Learning in Open Environments 20/21 Nov - Open University, Milton Keynes






Anything else...


Other pages on this wiki - Second Life , Virtual_worlds , Surrey Virtual Worlds projects


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