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Planetary Citizenship

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In such a complex world, we believe the philosophical purpose and ideals of University education need to be explored to underpin student’s enquiry. Education can contribute to the enlightenment of a global community achieving poverty reduction, respect for the environment and peace.


What are our enquiry goals? 


Daisaku Ikeda is the recipient of the most honorary doctorates awarded to a single individual. In his book Planetary Citizenship: Your Values, Beliefs, and Actions Can Shape a Sustainable World (Middleway Press, 2003), futurist Hazel Henderson and Ikeda "explore the rise of 'grassroots globalists,' ordinary citizens all over the world who are taking responsibility to build a more peaceful, harmonious and sustainable future."


In Ikeda's latest Peace Proposals (January 26, 2007)

Restoring the Human Connection: The First Step to Global Peace he promotes the ideals of humanistic education and exchange as crucial in achieving global peace.


Can we understand learning in a complex world without first understanding the principles of sustainable development?


Ikeda proposed the establishment of the international decade of education for sustainable development to follow the UN Decade for Human Rights Education from the year 2005.


'Nothing is more crucially important today than the kind of humanistic education that enables people to sense the reality of interconnectedness, to appreciate the infinite potential in each person's life, and to cultivate that dormant human potential to the fullest.'


[Adele Aubrey & Helen Dobson

University of Manchester]


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Comments (2)

Anonymous said

at 3:26 pm on Jun 21, 2007

This is inspiring stuff - hope we can maintain this global perspective for at least some of the conference.

Anonymous said

at 2:05 am on Jul 2, 2007

I need to come back to this ... the issue of sustainability (and I think it's human not planet really) and our global perspective for this is perhaps a core of our early 21c complexity.

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